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Everyone needs to learn how to behave around dogs, especially children. Dogs are said to be man's best friend, but they do have the capacity to bite, and unfortunately children are sometimes the ones to get bitten. This can be avoided by some basic safety information.


Basic Behavior: 

  1. Always ask the owner's permission before petting a dog.

  2. Do not tease a dog.

  3. Do not put your hand through a fence to pet a dog.

  4. Never approach an unfamiliar dog.

  5. Do not approach a dog that is eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies.  

  6. Approach dogs slowly and carefully, allowing them to sniff you first.

  7. Do not make loud noises around dogs.

  8. Do not play with dogs unless supervised by an adult.

  9. Stay away from stray dogs.




If you are attacked or threatened by a dog:

  • Try to stand still and be calm. (Do not scream and run).

  • Give the dog a book or backpack to chew on.

  • Cover your head, neck, and face.

  • Slowly back away. Do not turn your back on the dog.

  • Avoid direct eye contact.

  • If you fall down or are knocked over, curl into a ball, cover your head, and lie still.


If you are bitten:

  1. Tell your parents immediately.

  2. Get medical treatment if necessary.

  3. Report all dog bites to Animal Control.
    Try to include as much information as possible about the description of the dog, location, and where it might live.

Most dog bites are avoidable.
By knowing how to behave around dogs,
you can help keep dogs man's best friend.

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