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Scared to Stop

Question:  If a car comes up behind me flashing a red light late at night, and I can't see it very well, do I have to stop?  How do I know if it's a real police car?

I'm a teenage girl. I work at our local pizza parlor. Some nights I leave work really late. If a car comes up behind me flashing its red lights and I can't see it very well, do I have to stop? I've heard terrible stories. 

Answer:  Each State varies with what color lights are used by Law Enforcement Officers; most use all blue lights or a combination of blue, red and white. If you are driving and are being pulled over…safely pull over to the right side shoulder and stop.

There are individuals out there who purchase older police cars and commit crimes posing as Law Enforcement Officers…if you think the vehicle trying to pull you over is not a real Law Enforcement Officer do the following to ensure your safety.

  1. Don't Speed Up…in case it is a real Law Enforcement Officer. Acknowledge the vehicle behind you by waving in your rear view mirror several times to let them know that you see them behind you

  2. Call 911 on your cell phone and identify yourself as the driver and give them your vehicle description and location. Let the 911 Center know you are being pulled over and are not stopping because you don't recognize the vehicle behind you as a Patrol car. The 911 Center can immediately check and let you know if a real Law Enforcement Officer is behind you.

  3. Tell the 911 Center that you are going to pull over and stop…Pick a PUBLIC PLACE…24-hour gas station, restaurant or even drive to a local Police Station. Don't hang up on the 911 Center until the Officer makes contact with you. They will be telling the Officer behind you what you are doing and where you are going. This makes everyone safe and there are no surprises.

  4. Once you are stopped…place both hands on top of the steering wheel and do not lunge or grab for anything in the vehicle as the Officer approaches.

  5. Be polite and provide the Officer with all the required information…drivers license, vehicle registration and insurance information.

What if you don't have a cell phone?




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