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List of Askacop Safety and Crime Prevention Articles and Free Materials to help you keep your Family, Home, and Schools Safe 



  1. Burglary - How to guard against burglary, what to do if you are a victim

  2. Identity Theft - How to protect yourself, what to do if you are a victim

  3. Pick Pockets - Don't make it easy for crooks

  4. Purse Snatchers - and other property theft

  5. Sex Offender Registry

  6. Internet Safety - Chat Room Predators - Protect your safety

  7. Background Checks - When you need one, how to get one

  8. Child Abuse - What is it, how to spot it, who to call about a suspected case

  9. Elder Abuse - What is it, how to spot it, who to call about a suspected case  

  10. Self Defense for Adults and Teens - What to do if you are not a karate expert

  11. DUI and DWI

  12. Carjacking

  13. Being a Good Witness

  14. Bike Patrol

  15. Neighborhood Watch

  16. Avoiding a Dog Attack

  17. Internet Safety

  18. Latch Key Kids

  19. What do my children need to do to protect themselves from danger?

  20. What to do in an earthquake - it's not what you might think!

  21. Can your child cope with an emergency?

  22. Be safe about cell phones - How to talk to your kids about cell phone use

  23. Know Your Teens Friends

  24. How can I control the music my kids listen to?

  25. Is my teenager taking drugs?

  26. How can I prepare my teen (and/or myself) to travel overseas safely?

  27. Teen Driving Guide

  28. Missiles in Your Car

  29. Winter Driving

  30. Car Seats

  31. Stranger Danger: Going To and From School Safely

  32. School Bullies

  33. Bullying and Your Teenager

  34. Self Defense at School

  35. 10 Steps to School Success

  36. What is a learning disability?

  37. Fireworks Safety

  38. Are You Ready for Safe Boating?

  39. Water Safety: Prevent In-Home Drownings

  40. Water Safety: Swimming Safety

  41. Camping Safety

  42. Hiking Safety   

  43. How do I babyproof my home?

  44. How do I childproof my home?  

  45. How can I protect my child from accidental poisoning?

  46. Interviewing Daycare Providers

  47. Babysitters: Guidelines for Babysitters and Parents

  48. Sleepovers: How can I tell if my child is ready for a sleepover at a friend's house?

  49. Teaching Kids to Tell the Truth

  50. Safe Toys - What to look for

  51. School Bus Safety

  52. Crossing the Street Safely

  53. Keeping Kids Active in Winter

  54. How to Prevent Frostbite

  55. How to Find a Good Sports Coach for your child

  56. Girls Need Sports Too

    You Be the Detective
    (Original short stories and activities designed to teach kids about safety)

  57. The Coldest Day  

  58. Joey's Turn

  59. The Babysitter

  60. The Flyer

  61. Nancy's Fire Safety List

  62. Craft Idea: You Be the Detective Place Cards

    K-12 Teachers, Counselors, Administrators

  63. Fire Safety Week

  64. Red Ribbon Week

  65. D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T.

  66. Targeting Gang and School Violence (Lesson Plans)

  67. Targeting Drug Abuse: Club Drugs (Lesson Plans)  

  68. Working Dogs

  69. The Courtroom: Criminal Justice (Lesson Plans)

  70. Mock Trials

  71. Learning Phonics with Police Speak (Lesson Idea)

  72. Firearms Safety

  73. Traffic Safety -Drivers Ed

  74. DUI and DWI - Lesson Plans and Activities

  75. Blank Safety Forms for School Administrators

  76. Free Teaching Tools and Free Classroom Materials  

  77. Additional Child Safety Links

    Kids: Party Themes, Free Online Games, Activity Pages

  78. Free Police and Safety Coloring & Activity Pages  

  79. Birthday Party Theme: Police, Detectives, Cops and Robbers (The Candy Caper)

  80. Sleepovers: Crafts, Activities, Foods, Invitations

  81. Kids Games: Skylers Pond

  82. Kids Games: Hunters Forest

    Holidays & Events

  83. Columbus Day - Was Columbus Smart about Safety?

  84. A truly original Halloween page - Trunk or Treat, Spider Recipes, free games

  85. Thanksgiving - 100 year old recipe, free holiday craft ideas for kids, free stuff to write for

  86. Memorial Day - Help honor our heroes (What you can do)

  87. July 4th - Independence Day Fun Page

  88. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day

  89. Hosting Large Parties - Frequent problems and suggested solutions


  90. Teens Section

    Ask a Cop Q&A's

  91. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  92. Ask a Cop Q&A's from Police Departments Across the USA

  93. Free Police & Law Enforcement Clip Art

    For Police Officers

  94. Community Policing Initiative

  95. SRO K-12 (School Resource Officers) Lesson Plans

  96. Critical Incident Stress Management

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