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Child Safety 




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Free Safety Coloring Books for Kids
Thanks to the many people who have provided these freely for you!

Articles and Theme Pages

Car Seats

Firearms Safety

How do I childproof my home?

What do my children need to do to protect themselves from danger?

Interviewing Daycare Providers

Babysitters: Guidelines for Babysitters and Parents

Can your child cope with emergencies?

Water Safety: Swimming Safety

Water Safety: Prevent In-Home Drownings

Fireworks Safety

Riding Your Bike Safely

Child Neglect and Child Abuse

Parent Guides: Know Your Teens Friends

Is my teenager taking drugs?

Internet Safety

School Bus Safety

Going To and From School Safety

Latch Key Kids

Purchasing Safe Toys (article)

How to Find a Good Sports Coach for your child

Child Safety Links

See Parents Section

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