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Car Seats
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Why put your child at risk? Seatbelts, infant car seats, convertible car seats and booster seats are all designed to redirect the force of the impact to the stronger points of our bone structure. Children under a height of 4'9" cannot be properly restrained in a vehicle using an adult sized lap and shoulder belt. It is important to place children in car safety seats and restraints that match their age and weight needs.

Have a car seat inspection done by a member of the police department or someone certified in installing car seats. In a study completed by National Safe Kids Council, over 87 percent of car seats were installed improperly. Your child should always be in the back seat and rear-facing for an infant under one year and less than 20 pounds. Toys R Us often has free baby seat checking stations set up in their parking lots call for a schedule in your area. Many hospitals also provide this service at no cost.

Sometimes, trying to figure out which products work best and what car safety seat rules are in force in different states can be confusing. These sites will help you to better understand your options. If you are an educator, be sure to explore the first link, free educational materials. These fun materials are professionally created and they are free!

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