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Bike Patrol



What is a Bike Patrol and why would we want one?
 A Bike Patrol Unit is a valuable resource, allowing access to areas not previously accessible by the conventional police cruiser. Bike patrol officers find that they can go virtually anywhere. The bicycle patrol unit also increases communication between our officers and the citizens they encounter during their patrol.

Do they reduce crime? They are often quite effective. The bike patrol units have had positive impacts on parks, playgrounds and other areas, allowing citizens to utilize these areas more safely.

What does it take to start a Bike Patrol? Creating and maintaining an effective police bike patrol takes more than just officers and bikes. A police bike program involves providing officers with the training they need for varying conditions of activity, traffic, and weather; adding bike racks to vehicles; providing special lighting equipment for night patrols; conducting repairs and routine maintenance on the bike fleet; and purchasing special equipment and uniforms for the officers to bike in all weather conditions. Plus, some really good bikes!

You may see the Bike Patrol in your neighborhood or at your business. Remember, they are there also at night. You probably won't see them, and neither will the prowlers and burglars they arrest until it's too late!

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