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Burglary Prevention




Reducing Criminal Opportunity
is the foundation from which Crime Prevention is built.

Crime Facts

Burglary is the most prevalent neighborhood crime. Most people believe that residential burglaries occur during the nighttime when people are not home. The truth is that more burglaries occur during daylight hours when people are away at work or on vacation. Household burglary is one of the easiest crimes to commit and the hardest to solve.


Household Burglary

Household burglary is one of the most rapidly increasing major crimes in the nation. Statistics show that in over one-half of the household burglaries no forced entry is made.

What should you do if you arrive home and discover that your door has been kicked or pried open or a window has been broken out?

ANSWER:  DO NOT ENTER YOUR HOME. It is unknown if the burglar is still in your home. Household burglary has a high potential for death or injury in cases where the property owner surprises a burglar. Immediately call 911 either on your cell phone or go to a neighbors and call.


  1. Get to know your neighbors.

  2. Organize a neighborhood meeting and establish a neighborhood watch.
    Neighborhood Watch

  3. Be aware of suspicious vehicles and subjects in your neighborhood.

  4. If you see a suspicious vehicle write down the license plate and description of the vehicle.

  5. Try to obtain a good description of the subject(s).  Being a Good Witness

  6. Security systems have proven to be an effective deterrent.

  7. Install appropriate lighting systems around your home.

  8. Take photographs and document serial numbers of important items.

  9. Engrave your personal ID number on your belongings

  10. Make your own burglar alarm (lesson plan) 

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