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Property Protection



Here are some tips to help you protect your property from thieves.

When purchasing a new appliance or lawn mower or DVD player or anything with an  operators manual, staple your receipt to the instruction booklet and jot down the serial number of the item in the back of the booklet. (The serial number can usually be found on the back or underside of the item.) 

Take a picture of your item, especially bikes, dirt bikes and ATV's. There are many different types. It is hard to tell some of them apart. The photo will show any distinguishing marks such as stickers, markings and scrapes that are unique to your property You have created a record of proof of ownership by doing this. 


How does this help if my Property is stolen?

If your property is stolen call your local Law Enforcement Agency and report it. By providing the make, model, serial number and photo to the Police Officer; the Law Enforcement Agency can then enter your item into the NCIC computer system. The NCIC computer system lists all of the stolen items that are entered into it. 

Should a Police Officer locate your item; he can run the serial number through the NCIC computer and it will notify him that the item is stolen. You get your item back and the person who had your item when the Police Officer contacted them is going to get arrested.

Pawn Shops are also require to provide a complete list of items that they took in over the previous month. The items are listed by make, model and serial number. 

The Law Enforcement Agency will cross-reference each Pawn Shop's list against their stolen property records. If there is a match on both lists; the Law Enforcement Agency can get your property back from the Pawn Shop and find out who pawned the item. The person who pawned your property will be contacted by the Police and face Criminal Prosecution.

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