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Missiles in 
Your Car




Have you ever stopped to think about all those loose items you have lying around in your vehicle? Think, for instance, especially around the Christmas holiday, about all those newly purchased presents, such as a VCR, TV, stereo, or bowling ball. Have you ever thought where those items might end up if your involved in a collision? Well, you really need to consider it.

In motor vehicle collisions (MVC's), even small items can become dangerous projectiles. Most people put items in their backseat, which wouldn't normally seem like a problem. However, during a collision, those items can become dangers to passengers inside the vehicle and potentially cause serious bodily injury. 

Over the past several years, we have seen an increase in head injuries, sometimes fatal, caused by objects flying around the passenger compartment during a MVC. The weight of a seemingly light object changes dramatically during a collision due to the forces involved.

Anything loose or not secured in the passenger compartment…speakers, TV's, briefcases, groceries, and many other items cause injury by becoming projectiles. During a rollover accident, loose items in the vehicle go everywhere. 

Please, just as we remember to buckle up our seatbelts, also try to remember to secure items inside your car and place them in the trunk whenever possible. If you have an SUV, consider purchasing a screen to place between the passenger and the luggage compartment or use a cargo net to secure the items.

If you think it won't happen to you, just remember - that is what the people involved were thinking.

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