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The World's Safest
Most Unconventional Trick or Treat!

This activity is a lot of fun and has the added advantage of being far safer than conventional trick or treating - we call it

Here's how it works: Call friends and neighbors, or talk to your church, play group or maybe just everybody on your long dirt road where conventional trick-or-treating is unrealistic, and see if there is any interest in a trick or treat set up where everyone decorates their cars, RV's, tractors or vans; then everybody drives to an assigned spot - the church parking lot, school lot, or maybe a local strip mall. Everyone backs into place. The center is left open for games and judging, and finally trick or treating, with kids darting from car to car.

Trunk or Treat is very safe, very fun, and can get quite competitive. Last year, one car was decorated as the 100 Acre Woods with all the adults dressed as characters from Winnie the Pooh, with big tree limbs from their property hanging all over their car. One car had stuffed trash bags and made 8 legs hanging over the sides of the car while the huge body of a spider sat on the roof rack. One car had put purple lights inside the car and a bowl of water with dry ice in it (for fog) under the car and they dressed like aliens, so it really looked like a flying saucer. Another had a huge ghost circling on top!

You might try Trunk or Treat one year in addition to conventional trick or treating, and then let it take over if it works for you.

Halloween Dessert Recipes
Spider Cupcakes
Tombstone Pudding
Krispie Spider

Spider Cupcakes (pictured above)

  • Chocolate Cake

  • Chocolate Frosting

  • 2 Yellow Skittles (or red skittles if you prefer) with black slits drawn on them with a sharpie pen

  • Black Licorice - Cut one black licorice strip into four pieces to get the rigid leg look. Twizzlers work great because they're already curved.

Rice Krispie Treat Spider

  • Make rice krispie treats (use recipe on cereal box)

  • Instead of making bars, use lots of Pam to cover your hands to roll out legs and use a mixing bowl to press a body.

  • Decorate with 2 red skittles for eyes. Use a sharpie pen to make black slits on the eyes.

  • Use 2 yellow gum balls cut in half for fang.

Tombstone Pudding

  • Vanilla Pudding (food coloring optional)

  • Gummi Worms

  • Chocolate covered graham cracker for tombstone

  • Chocolate covered graham crackers crumbled for "dirt"

  • Icing to write RIP


Safety Tips 

American Red Cross: Halloween Safety  


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