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Host a Slumber Party




Make card to look like a sleeping bag and insert a picture of your "hostess"

Party Tips: 

  1. Ask people to set up their sleeping bags as soon as they get to your house.

  2. Announce that no one can sleep on sofas or beds.

  3. Play outdoor games or organize a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood before dinner.

  4. Rent a movie and make lots of popcorn beforehand.

  5. Set up a "concession stand" in the room where you're watching the movie and give every guest a plate to load up with popcorn, candy, and other treats.

  6. Avoid the game Truth or Dare. It is a game that can get out of hand.

  7. Ask your mom or dad if they can find something special for your siblings to do during your party. Perhaps they could spend the night with a friend. Or perhaps they could have a friend stay overnight, so they don't feel so left out.

  8. Set out a few board games so the ones who do not fall asleep right away can quietly keep themselves busy.

  9. Prepare something easy and special for breakfast such as donuts, bagels & cream cheese, fruit with whip cream and dip, individual juices.

Games and Activity Ideas


Burglar Alarm:

Set a little timer and have everyone go out of the room. One person stays in and hides the timer. Then the other children come back in and try to find the timer before it goes off. Whoever finds it might get some kind of prize.

Let's Make a Deal:

You will need three boxes. Prizes of varying quality-really cool, ok and a booby prize. Each child has a chance to play so make sure you have enough "really cool" prizes to go around. Place one prize of each type under the boxes without anyone seeing. The contestant chooses a box and the prize is revealed. The contestant can then keep that prize or be given the choice to choose another. Offer incentives, like other prizes-candy, money etc. to see if they will keep the first chosen. They may keep either the first prize and incentives or choose the other box. This is their final choice.

Mummy Game:

Need rolls of toilet paper, one per person. You can form teams to see who is the fastest dressing their mummy (other person) or just let them have fun. This can be very messy with the dust from the toilet paper and the paper fight afterwards.

Picky Marshmallow Relay Game:

Need toothpicks, one per child and one marshmallow per team. The marshmallow is placed on the end of the first persons toothpick. They hold the toothpick in their mouth and try to pass it to the next person in line using only the toothpicks in their mouths.

Talent Show or Video the kids performing to music. Lip sync is fun or air guitar etc.

Easter Egg Hunt: Hide eggs and prizes outside. Everyone brings a flashlight to the party. Hide items like fingernail polish, body mists, not just candy. Hunt for the eggs and prizes in the dark by flashlight.

Makeovers are always fun


Craft Ideas


Hip Hats Craft Idea -  Decorate denim hats with jewels and sparkle puff paints and wear them around the next day.

Decorate pillowcases with fabric markers...this way they can use them that night. Put on date, etc

 Food Ideas and Recipes


Popcorn Toppin' - Pop some plain popcorn. Give everybody a couple of dishes with popcorn in them. Have your guests put on all the toppings you want.

  • cinnamon and sugar

  • raisins

  • melted butter, pizza seasoning, and parmesan cheese to

  • make a pizza kind o'popcorn.

 Make rice krispie treats

 Make your own sundae!


More Ideas
for Younger

On the sleepover invitation, tell each guest to bring PJs, slippers, stuffed animal, sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, comb and that they get a prize for bringing it all. 

Game: Prepare slips of paper that say:

  1. lay your sleeping bag flat, in front of the TV

  2. put your pillow on the top of the sleeping bag

  3. put your stuffed animal on your sleeping bag

  4. put on your PJs and slippers

  5. brush your teeth

  6. brush your hair

  7. lay inside sleeping bag

  8. The youngsters have to find the slip of paper that has a 1. on it and do what it says, then run back to the person holding the slips and find the no 2. slip....etc.... the slips can be in individual envelopes with each child's name on it so they can know which is which when they are all done, they will all be ready for quiet time......

  9. The prize for this, as each one finishes, is a bag filled with a couple pieces of candy, a drink box, a pen or pencil and a small address book. They can exchange numbers with all their friends and have a place to put it, plus when they get thirsty- you've already provided their drink.

If you have a little one who has not yet spent the night at a friend's house, see this site. It's full of helpful information: How can I tell if my child is ready for a sleepover at a friend's house? 

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