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The Internet




When you're on the net, keep these simple rules in mind:

  1. Never give out identifying information -- home address, telephone number -- in a public message such as chat or bulletin boards.

  2. Consider using a pseudonym. Avoid listing your name in any public directories and profiles.

  3. Never respond to obscene, belligerent, threatening or harassing messages or bulletin board items.

  4. Never click on any links that are contained in e-mail from persons they do not know.

  5. Remember that people online may not be who they seem.

  6. Remember that everything you read online may not be true. Any offer that's "too good to be true" probably is.

  7. If you reach the internet though your cell phone, see this site: Cellphones and Internet Safety

This a great story from MSNBC regarding internet chat room predators. It's really a good piece with great information. 

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