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Be Safe

How do I babyproof my home?

How do I childproof my home?  

How can I protect my child from accidental poisoning?

What do my children need to do to protect themselves from danger?

Crossing the Street Safely

Can your child cope with an emergency?

Sleepovers: How can I tell if my child is ready for a sleepover at a friend's house?

Safe Toys (article)  

Teaching Kids to Tell the Truth

Keeping Kids Active in Winter

Latch Key Kids

Babysitters: Guidelines for Babysitters and Parents

Interviewing Daycare Providers

How can I prepare my teen to travel overseas safely?

How can I control the music my kids listen to?

Be safe about cell phones - How to talk to your kids about cell phone use

Know Your Teens Friends

Is my teenager taking drugs?

Self Defense for Adults and Teens

Background Checks  

Sex Offender Registry

Child Abuse and Criminal Child Neglect

Elder Abuse

Pick Pockets: Don't make it easy for a thief to ruin your vacation  

Purse Snatchers and Other Personal Property Protection

Identity Theft

Burglary Prevention

Being a Good Witness

Bike Patrol

Neighborhood Watch

School Bus Safety

Stranger Danger: Going To and From School Safely

Riding Your Bike Safely

School Bullies

Bullying and Your Teenager

Self Defense at School

10 Steps to School Success

What is a learning disability?

Water Safety: Prevent In-Home Drownings

Water Safety: Swimming Safety

Recreational Safety  

How to Find a Good Sports Coach for your child

Girls Need Sports Too!

Internet Safety

How to Prevent Frostbite

Winter Driving

Car Seats

Missiles in Your Car

Teen Driving Guide for Parents

List of Articles  

You Be the Detective

The Coldest Day  

Joey's Turn

The Babysitter

The Flyer

Nancy's Fire Safety List

Party Themes, Kids Games, Safety Fun

Birthday Party: Police, Detectives, Cops and Robbers (The Candy Caper)

Slumber Party Ideas: Games like Burglar Alarm, Crafts, Activities, Invitations

Free Police and Safety Coloring & Activity Pages  

Kids Games: Skylers Pond

Kids Games: Hunters Forest


Columbus Day - Was Columbus Smart about Safety?

Halloween - Trunk or Treat, Spider Cupcakes, free games

Memorial Day - Help honor our heroes (What you can do)

July 4th - Independence Day Fun Page & Fireworks Safety

Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day


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