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My Teen on Drugs



How can you find out
if your teenager is taking drugs? What should you do?


Your teen's behavior may change if they become involved with drugs.

They may be much more secretive, hide in their room, interact less with the family (although some of this is normal in all teens, the teen involved with drugs may carry it to an extreme.)

Their friendship group may change to a less-desirable crowd.

Their school grades and behavior may suffer and they may lose interest in activities such as sports or after-school clubs that they formerly enjoyed.

They may change their style of dress.

Money or other valuables may seem to disappear from their room as they use them to obtain drugs.

Some teens can hide their drug use better than others. It is possible to test the urine or blood for drug use, but the teen's physician will usually want the consent of the teen to do the testing. Many store including Rite Aid have over the counter drug tests for sale for about $39.

If you suspect your teen may be having a problem with drugs, contact your teen's doctor or a local drug rehab center and have the teen assessed. Try to not be punitive in your approach, but explain that you are worried about your teen's health.


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