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What do my children need to do to protect themselves from danger?



Eight safety tips
for all children to learn!

  1. I always check first with my parents or the person in charge before I go anywhere or get into a car, even with someone I know.

  2. I always check first with my parents or a trusted adult before I accept anything from anyone, even from someone I know.

  3. I always take a friend with me when I go places or play outside.

  4. I know my name, address, telephone number and my parents' full names.

  5. I say no LOUDLY if someone tries to touch me or treat me in a way that makes me feel scared, uncomfortable or confused. If they do not stop I WILL SCREAM CONTINUALLY!

  6. I know that I can tell my parents or a trusted adult if I feel scared, uncomfortable or confused.

  7. It's okay to say no even to an adult, and I know that there will always be someone who can help me.

  8. I am strong, smart and have the right to be safe.

Make it a point to regularly go over these tips and stress how important it is to communicate any fear they may face. Of course you not want them walking through life in a constant state of anxiety, but you also do not want them to be "easy targets" for someone who may want to harm them. They all know that their best moment for help is the moment something is happening. They are being taught that a stranger is not to be believed, that their safety is better ensured if they scare the stranger.

Talk to your children. Whatever their age, communicate to them that NOISE is their best defense. And as you tuck your child into bed tonight, checking the windows, checking the doors, know that you have armed them with a tool to combat fear and help ensure that their, and your, sweet dreams are not turned into nightmares.


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