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Teen Driving Guide



When your child reaches driving age more worries emerge. Setting ground rules is crucial for your young driverís well being. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15 to 20-year olds in the United States. Two out of three of those deaths are passengers in vehicles driven by other teens.

Driving is new to teens, and therefore they are more likely to make mistakes, use poor judgment, or have trouble reacting to sudden changes when they drive. Parents can influence their teenager's driving safety. 

Things you can do to assist
your young driver

Limit Night Driving:

Nighttime driving requires more skill than driving during the day and is particularly risky for teens, especially after 9 p.m. Teens out at night is usually for recreational reasons, leading to increased distraction, speeding and risk-taking.

Restrict the Number of Passengers in Your Teen's Car:

Crashes are more likely when other teenagers are in the car, and the risk increases with every additional passenger. Teens are influenced more easily by peer pressure when there are more than two passengers in the car.

Insist That Your Teenager And His or Her Passengers Always Wear A Seat Belt:

Parents should emphasize the importance of seat belt use. Be sure to lead by example through consistent use of a seat belt yourself Make it clear to your teen that he or she should never have more passengers than there are seat belts and always wear one properly

Talk With Your Teen About Drinking, Drug Use, Speeding, And Driving: 

Tell your child to call you for a ride if he or she, or another person who is driving, has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Alcohol and drugs impair all drivers and, in part because of driving inexperience, the risk of crashing is much higher for a teenager who has used drugs or alcohol. Speeding: Teen drivers have more crashes in which speed is a factor, and many are single-car accidents caused by the driver losing control of the car.


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