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Teaching Kids to Tell the Truth



When we talk about issues with our children, we typically go over the common things like staying away from drugs and alcohol, don't talk to strangers, or let your parents know where you are at all times. The one thing that gets missed much of the time is the importance of telling the truth. "The truth shall set you free" may not always be the case, but it certainly speaks for a person's character at a time when they may need it the most. If we instill this value in our children at a young age, then it won't be so difficult to expect that of them when they are older.

Lying is a common defense and self-preservation tool that kids use to either avoid consequences or "save face." Law enforcement officers deal with people who are untruthful, often many times during their workday. If there were more energy placed into the importance of telling the truth, the whole world would run a lot smoother.

The key is to establish with your children that lying is a "no-win situation," and that when they tell a lie, it's just like entering a room without any doors or windows…there's just no way out. Children need to have a moral foundation for wanting to tell the truth and what works best is to help build their conscience at a young age. They need to have a sense of what is right and wrong and be able to feel empathy for others.

Too much violence in the world damages our children and desensitizes them from feelings of responsibility and telling the truth. Lying becomes an easy and normal response for some. Kids are very intelligent and yet very easy to influence, therefore, we as adults, need to show them how telling the truth is not just "an option," it's the ONLY OPTION.


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