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Going To and From School Safely
Stranger Danger



  1. Instruct your child to always take a friend when walking or riding a bike to and from school.

  2. Even though there is safety in numbers, when it is possible provide supervision for your young children. Whether it is you as a parent or an older sibling, this will help insure their safe arrival to and from school.

  3. Your child should stay with a group while waiting at the bus stop. If anyone should bother your child, you should teach him or her to get away from that person, and tell a trusted adult.

  4. You should visit the bus stop with your children and learn the bus number.

  5. Instruct your children that if someone they don't know or feel comfortable with offers a ride, say NO. A stranger is someone you don't know.

  6. Tell your children that if someone follows them on foot to get away from him or her as quickly as possible. If someone follows them in a vehicle, they should turn around and go in the opposite direction. They should go where a trusted adult can help and advise them what happened.

  7. Teach your children if someone ever tries to take them somewhere, they should quickly get away and yell. (This person is trying to take me away.)

  8. Children should be taught to never leave school with someone they don't feel comfortable with or know. They should always check with you or another trusted adult first. Even if the person says it is an emergency, they should check first.

  9. If your child walks to school, walk the route to and from with your children pointing out landmarks and safe places to go if they are being followed or need help. Make sure that their route takes them on main roads rather than through isolated areas or would be short cuts.

  10. Remember to practice these safety rules with your children to make certain that they really know and understand them. Make the walk to and from school a teachable moment and a chance to put their skills to the test.

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