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Background Checks




Background checks used to be just for employers but not in the information age we live in today. Do you have questions about your daughter's new boyfriend? Suspicions about the new neighbors?

Many personal and professional aspects of our lives are already on the internet. You can do a background check yourself or hire a pro.

What kind of information is on the net? What can you find out about your daughter's new boyfriend, for example? Well - almost anything! 

Employee Background Screening.

  • Personal Information

  • Verify his name, address and phone number

  • Verify his age

  • Verify marital status

  • Determine if he has children

  • Determine if he's ever been charged with a DWI

  • Determine his social security number or check validity of a SSN (social security number) he has provided

Litigation History

  • Have there been civil suits filed against him/by him?

  • Is he or has he ever been bankrupt?

Criminal History

  • Does he have a criminal record?

Educational Background

  • What degree or degrees does he have?

Professional/Occupational Background

  • Verify his profession/occupation

  • Has he published anything or been mentioned in a news story?

  • Does he have a website or contribute to online forums?

Asset Search

  • Locate his real property assets

  • Locate his financial assets

Business Background

  • Does he own a business?

  • Is he a corporate officer?

Military Records

  • Is he currently serving in or was he honorably discharged from the military?

Medical History

Are there any indications in the public records of drug abuse, alcoholism,
or other serious medical conditions?

Has he ever been injured on the job and collected workers' compensation

Check it out!

You can do your own search, using various search engines on the web,
or you can hire someone to do a background check for you

See this FBI site for more information: National Criminal Background Check


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