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Stress Management



After A Critical Incident

As Emergency Service Professionals and Family members, we must take proper care of ourselves in order to care for those we serve. Below are some basic stress management principles that have been shown to help mitigate some of the reactions the body has to a critical incident.

  1. Eat nutritious foods: fresh fruits, vegetables, a balanced diet

  2. Get plenty of physical exercise to reduce some of the physical/physiological effects of stress

  3. Moderate your intake of caffeine

  4. Avoid alcohol or other depressants

  5. Keep rested; remain on a schedule for sleep and other relaxing activities

  6. Avoid changes in your daily routine

  7. Find a friend or a support source to talk to about the incident

  8. Do not make any significant life altering decisions for at least 30 days

  9. Try to find time, perhaps just an hour to do something that you enjoy

  10. If the symptoms of stress do not lessen, seek additional intervention



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