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Regardless of where you go hiking, there are things that can be done to aid in your safety and below is a simple list of ten essential items that if carried and used properly can aid in your survival odds in the wilderness if you become lost or even injured while enjoying the great outdoors.


To provide for proper safety and shelter in the wilderness, always carry the following minimum equipment with you:

1) Map of area

2) Compass

3) Extra clothing

4) Extra food

5) First aid kit

6) Waterproof matches

7) Fire starter

8) Waterproof flashlight

9) Sunglasses

10) Pocket knife

Other items proven useful include a whistle, rope, large trash bags, rain gear, wool clothing, hat, insect repellent and sunscreen. Remember, these items will be of little value, with out the knowledge of how to put them to use in an emergency.

This list is only the barest essentials and for your comfort, additional items will be needed depending on your planned destination and time of year. A cell phone and/or a GPS unit are more modern items that can be added to your list of items to carry, but do not substitute the tried and true items above thinking that these will be enough. For lots of different reasons, including but not limited to, low or dead batteries, poor training or no training on how to use the equipment properly not to mention it becoming damaged in a fall or other mishap.

If you follow common sense rules of being outdoors, carry the essential items for survival and have the knowledge of how to use them you increase your chances of survival if the unthinkable should happen to you or your hiking companions.


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