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Criminal Justice



Mock Trials for Teachers (askacop)

 Understanding Criminal Justice Unit

An Introduction to Juvenile Rights in the Criminal Justice System

Beating the Odds - You and the Law

Prisoners and Punishment

Lessons on Arrest, Lessons on 4th Amendment

Teens on Trial

Can I Get a Witness?

Juvenile Deliquency

Juvenile Court System - Teenage rights (The Real Deal)

Judicial System, Juveniles, Juvenile Justice (lots of units)

Government & Civics Lesson Plans (Law, Justice)

Children on the Street

Begging for Another Chance

Secret Agent Men

Spy vs Spy (Surveillance)

Working Like a Dog

To Protect and Serve (Role of the Police)

Gunshots by the Numbers (Crime prevention)  

True Crime (urban crime stats)

A Civil Action (law enforcement, media, community in partnership)

Let Justice Roll Down: The Civil Rights Movement Through Film (HS)

A Time for Justice - Civil Rights Violations

KKK Hate Crimes in America (PBS lesson plan)

Hate on the Internet (2-hour lesson plan)


What does a police officer do? (PK-2nd grade)


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