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The Flyer



A Safety Story

"Yes, Mrs. Andrews," I said brightly into the phone. "I am available Saturday afternoon. From 2 till 5? Turn left on Walnut, right on Lincoln .. great. I'll see you on Saturday, and thank you for calling."

I hung up the phone and screamed. "I've got a job!" My mother gave me a look. "I advertised! I made flyers and posted them up in the grocery store. Want to see?" I raced off to get her a copy.

"This looks beautiful," my mother said admiringly. "Your name, phone, address, age ... experience A+?" Mom laughed.

Three days later, I was screaming into the phone. "Mom! I don't know what to do! The baby's been crying for hours, the kids are starving, and these people still aren't home."

Once Mom arrived, things improved considerably. She quickly settled three small children on the couch to watch cartoons."

"What about the baby?" I asked her tearfully. My mother hurried down the hall after me. "This baby can't be more than two months old," my mother gasped.

"I didn't even know there was a baby until it starting crying. And they don't have any food, Mom. There's no peanut butter, no jelly, no milk, no bottles, no diapers."

Mom ran to the store. We fed the three little ones, gave them baths, and tucked them in. That left the baby. Mom stared at the baby worriedly. "She's hungry, poor thing. You checked all the closets, right?"  I nodded.  "No formula?"

Mom checked her watch. "Maybe the neighbors know where they went." When Mom came back, her mouth was tight. "I'm calling the police. The guy next door said they do this all the time. They hire somebody for the afternoon, then come home around 3 or 4 in the morning, and laugh about it."

"What can the police do?"

"Are you kidding? They can take care of this baby. They can take care of all these kids. They can put those horrible people in jail." Mom gave me a hug. "I promise you, sweetie, not all babysitting experiences will be like this one. But in the future, I think we'll check out the family before you baby-sit."


You Be the Detective

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